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Caring for a Baby Dwarf Hamster

Choosing to bring home a new pet is a big responsibility, no matter how small that pet may be. When looking for that perfect pet, many families choose to bring home a baby dwarf hamster, as they are small, cute and easier to care for than other larger rodents. However, even baby dwarf hamsters require proper care and maintenance in order to have a healthy, long life. Keep in mind that before bringing home the hamster, you cannot take him or her away from the mother until ready. This time is usually around 4 weeks old, never younger. Be sure that the hamster can move about on its own without the help of its mother.

Choosing to adopt a baby dwarf hamster is a wonderful experience, as he or she will be easier to train and bond with as a baby. The first month will be crucial as you want to form a close bond with your pet and show him or her that you are trustworthy. Not only does this come from playing and spending time with the hamster, but also by providing him or her with fresh food and water each day, as well as consistently keeping the cage clean. Food and water should be replaced daily, while cleaning of the cage should be done once a week or more, depending on how dirty it gets.

Baby Dwarf Hamster

Sometimes it’s not just adopting a baby dwarf hamster that leaves you with a young pet. Some people choose to breed hamsters, while others get an unexpected surprise. If your dwarf hamster ends up pregnant, there will be some extra care on your hands to get the babies ready for adoption. With average litter sizes of 5 to 6, babies should be left with their mother for the first 10 days, no touching or handling allowed! Within this period, the babies will begin to gain color and grow fur. After this 10 day period, the babies will begin to open their eyes and move around, which is when you can begin to handle them, yet very gently and only if the mother allows it.

Besides drinking their mother’s milk, the baby hamsters can be given wheat germ, oats and small seeds for nourishment around 2 weeks. By 4 weeks, the babies will be ready for adoption and you’ll find them running around and playing just like any other hamsters. As small babies, also be sure that they are cleaned once a week and given fresh food and water each day.

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