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The Robo Dwarf Hamster - Unbelievably Cute and Fast

The smallest species of pet hamster available is the Roborovski dwarf hamster, mercifully nicknamed the Robo hamster. How small are they? The largest specimens weigh a whopping three-quarter of an ounce (or 21 grams.) Roborovski hamsters were first captured for zoos, then used as laboratory animals and then raced their way into the pet trade abut 1990.

Do Not Buy On Impulse

Roborovski dwarf hamsters are arguably the cutest species of hamster on the planet. They have large eyes, mostly white faces, pink noses and round ears. It can be tempting to buy one as soon as those glistening dark eyes met yours. Resist the temptation, even if you have experience caring for other species of pet hamsters. Robo dwarf hamsters have very special needs.

Unfortunately, many people who buy Robo hamsters do not realize what they are getting themselves in for. When they do, they either release the hamsters into the wild or turn them over to the nearest animal shelter. Your local animal shelter is a good place to look for a Robo hamster after you have researched and prepared yourself for their needs.

Robo Dwarf Hamster

Needy Hamsters

Although they look soft and cuddly, Roborovski hamsters hate being handled. They will jump from your hands. With patience and lots of treats, a Robo may eventually take food from your fingertips and allow a quick touch. Because of this innate distrust of people, Robo hamsters are not recommended for children.

Robos are incredibly fast runners. If they escape from their cage or from your hands, don’t run after them. It’s best to set up a humane trap in order to capture them. Until the hamster is found, walk by shuffling your feet so that you do not accidentally step on your pet. Overturn cushions before sitting down on chairs or couches.

Social Hamster

Unlike other species of pet hamsters, Roborovskis enjoy the company of other hamsters – as long as they are other Robo hamsters. In the wilds of China and Mongolia, they would live in small family colonies of one male to several females. Since hamsters breed quickly, it may be best to keep only females together, although Roborovski hamsters are difficult to breed because they tend to eat their babies.

Robo dwarf hamsters can flatten their bodies into amazingly thin proportions, so they need to be kept in cages with wire mesh or solid walls with a well-ventilated lid. They love to burrow in their bedding, so give them at least two inches to play with. Some people like to make a “playpen” for their Robos by giving them an aquarium full of fresh dirt to burrow in.

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